Author Topic: mt schiele auto repair q. and a.  (Read 359 times)


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mt schiele auto repair q. and a.
« on: January 10, 2017, 05:04:36 AM »
Thanks Andrew for setting this up. As many of our members know the shop bradxj and i work at sponsors the stocker no locker event among other things. We work on members rigs from here, mwjt, and other wheelers in general. I wanted to set this forum up for members for questions from our techs and possible quotes for automotive work as well. Nothing too complicated but an easy place for 4wd tech and other car questions as well. Also provide pics of some of the work we do on the regular as well. Feel free to post up and brad and i will keep this as active as we can. Also for any of you that just want to set up a time for us to take a look at your rig (or even your daily driver honda) feel free to call us at 314 849 4700. we specialize in rebuilding and regearing differentials, transfer cases, transmissions, and anything else you want to throw our way.
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